Svetoslávni Slováci

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World-wide known people born in Slovakia, or born to Slovak families during the era before Slovakia got independent :


Peter Lorre – actor

and he was born in 1904, Ružomberok [Roo:zhom:berok] to a jewish family.

His original name was Ladislav Lowenstein

and he was born in 1904, Ružomberok [Roo:zhom:berok] to a jewish family.


David Dobrik – youtuber

Originally spelled Dávid Dobrík [Daah:vid Dob:reek]

Born in Košice [Kosheetse] – second largest city, 1996, still has a Slovak citizenship


Frank Lowy – Israeli – Australian businessman

Born in Fiľakovo [Fee:lja:kohvo] 1930


Ivan Reitman – film producer, director

Slovak-Canadian film producer and director, best known for his comedy work

Born in Komárno in 1946


John Dopyera – inventor and entrepreneur

Originally named Ján Dopjera [Yaan Dopyera]. His inventions include the resonator guitar and important contributions in the early development of the electric guitar.

Born in Šaštín-Stráže [Shashteen-Straazhe] in 1893


Scarlett Chorvat – actress

She was born in Bratislava – Slovakia´s capital in 1972


Joseph Murgas – inventor, architect, botanist, painter, roman catholic priest

Jozef Murgaš [Yozeph Moor:gash] contributed to wireless telegraphy and helped in the development of mobile communications and the wireless transmission of information and the human voice, according to which GPS could be based on later

Born in Tajov [Tah:yov] in 1864


Maximilian Hell – Slovak/Hungarian astronomer & Jesuit priest

Born in Banská Štiavnica [Banskah Shtiavnitsa] which at that times was under Hungarian Kingdom rule (1720)


Joseph Goldberger – an American psysician and epidermiologist

Born in Giraltovce [Geeraltovtse] which at that times was under Hungarian Kingdom rule (1874)

Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld

was the rabbi and co-founder of the Edah HaChareidis, Haredi Jewish community in Jerusalem, during the years of the British Mandate of Palestine.

He was born in Vrbové which at that times was under Hungarian Kingdom rule (1848)


Milan Mišík [Meelan Meesheek] – geologist and university professor.

taught at universities such as University of Havana,

Algerian University in Constantine

He contributed to the development of the Faculty of natural sciences of Comenius University (Bratislava) and the development of teaching methodology, and participated in the preparation of geology experts and researchers.

He was born in Skalica [Skaleetsa]


John D. Hertz – businessman, racehorse owner & breeder, and philanthropist.

Famous for Yellov Cab Company (yellow cabs)
Born Schandor Herz, to a slovak- jewish family

Born in the district of Martin which at that times was under Austro – Hungarian Kingdom rule (1879)


Štefan Banič [Shtephan Banjitch] – an inventor of parachute

Banič immigrated to the United States and worked as a coal miner in Pennsylvania. After witnessing a plane crash in 1912, Banič constructed a prototype of a parachute in 1913 and was granted US patent

Born in Neštich, today part of Smolenice [Smo:lenitse] in 1870


Michael Strank – United States Marine Corps Sergeant

was killed in action during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. He is best known for being one of the six flag-raisers who helped raise the second U.S. flag atop Mount Suribachi

He was born in Jarabina [Yarabeena] on the Slovak side of Czechoslovakia at that time in 1919

Peter Sagan – a Slovak professional road bicycle racer

Sagan is considered one of cycling’s greatest talents, having earned many prestigious victories, including three consecutive World Championships, one European Championship, two Paris-Nice stages, seven Tirreno-Adriatico stages, one in the Tour de Romandie, three and the overall classification in the Tour de Pologne, a record sixteen stages and the overall in the Tour of California, and another fifteen in the Tour de Suisse

He was born in Žilina


Famous people who´s ancestors were born in present-day Slovakia


Angelina Jolie Voight – Her father was originally named Ján Vojtka, his father emigrated from Košice

Paul Newman– his mother – Terézia Fecková was born in Humenné. His relatives are still living in Humenné

Tony Curtis – his mother was Slovak, from Vaľkovo – district of Poltár

John Bon Jovi – his grandma was Slovak

Pola Negri – her father was Slovak from Kysuce, she was born in Poland as Barbara Apolónia Chalupcová

Steve McQueen – Parents from Jastrabie – district of Michalovce

Jessica Biel – Martiz Biel with his family, was from Porúbky – district of Žilina who emigrated first to Germany and then to USA as a jew

Dave Grohl – his ancestors were Irish, Slovak and German

Steve Ditko – born in Pennsylvania to eastern-Slovak parents

Justin Jedlica – a human Ken doll, both of his parents were born in Bratislava

Michael Fincke– holder of the record – most time spent in space

Chuck Bednarik – studied at Slovak school in Pennsylvania, his parents were from Široké

Lisabeth Scott – originally named Ema Macová, her parents were both Slovaks

David Boreanaz – his grandma was Slovak

Andy Warhol – his parents emigrated from Miková – district of Stropkov

Audrey Hepburn – her paternal grandma was from Topoľčany district

Tom Selleck – his father was from eastern Slovakia

Robert Urich – his grandparents were from Bardejov district, east Slovakia, and his father was from western Slovakia

Ivan A. Getting – born to Slovak and German immigrants, Slovaks were from Bytča

Daniel Carleton Gajdusek – he´s got Slovak and Hungarian ancestry

Gene Cernan – his father was Slovak, his mother was Czech

Peter Puškár